A self-taught artist                                                            ALI MENOUAR



         Born on the 8th January in Algeria at Achaches (now Souani) in the Wilaya of Tlemcem, the birthplace of novelist and poet Mohamed Dib.


Ali spent his youth between the Medersa and the hard labour of the fields, his sole inheritance from his father who had in turn inherited the land from his grandfather the cadi of Nedroma.


          In 1952 Ali went to live in France with his elder brother Mohamed, leaving the country of his childhood with its landscapes and colours of Africa, for the big city of Lyons. He found work in several different realms in order to survive, including that of an apprentice at BERLIER motors, and PETERSEM electricity.


          In 1955 the troubles in Algeria were felt in France and Ali spent a very difficult year, times which leave their mark…


          In 1956 he worked as a greengrocer in the mornings and spent his afternoons working in a servicing garage for nothing. Ali was passionate about beautiful engines and cars. As soon as he had the means to do so he first bought himself a VESPA, then in 1957 a Commercial VEDETTE, and in1958 a stunning DELAGE which he swapped for a Cabriolet. Subsequently he bought a DS DARMATwhich he swapped for a motorbike, after which he built and set up his own workshop, where he pursued his passion for motors until 1985.


          The time came when cars alone no longer satisfied him, and he embarked on art collection. At the end of every week he would set out at 5a.m. to scour the markets in Lyons for unusual works.  Painting quickly became his main interest; oils, watercolours and charcoal, fuelling his new passion and training his eye.

          A serious accident in 1974 kept him to his bed and prevented him from working, so he began working on a huge painting on the wall of an Antique shop which he had bought for his wife. He began his opus, using up all the paint remaining in his workshop for his creation.


          This work was highly praised by all visitors to the shop, although the reticent Ali remained anomymous to his admirers. The success of the work must have been a factor in his decision to devote his life to painting.

          Ali painted on canvas, cardboard, fabric and walls. He expressed his emotions through his work, immortalising the fire within him which had always been his driving force and inspiration.

This was his « LAND and SKY » period.

          1988, « IMPLOSION » was a work from the period when Ali explored his inner being, learning to know every hidden nook and cranny of himself.

during the course of his career he met up with other artists with whom he passed time and exchanged opinions, criticisms and sometimes paintings.

           Among these artists were:

Jean Drevon (1899 – 1978), Camille Bertholle (daughter of the painter Bertholle 1909 – 1996) and Louis Amalvy (1918 – 2003)


          In 1990, Ali was beset by troubles and ceased painting for 10 years – he needed some time!


          In 1996, after a trip to Morocco, Ali recaptured meaning to his life after seeing the faces, landscapes and the north African scenes of his childhood which he came across  on this journey.

His « MIRAGES » period is a reflection of this time, in which Ali rebuilds his spirit, dreaming of a return to the land of his birth. He found it hard to leave France, as well as members of his family who were less keen to follow him back towards his roots.


           1999 marked the beginning of his « MAGHREB » period and the purchase of his house in Ghazoua in the Commune of Essaouira.



           Since then Ali has not ceased reinventing the colours of the Maghreb, immortalising the life around him, expressing his love, anger, sadness, insouciance and fragility on canvas, making of him a painter rather than an orator.

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Sa Biographie

Sa Biographie

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